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Welcome to our videos!  We are excited about the new technology allowing us to do live interactive videos no matter our physical locations!  Come join us on as we study God’s Word together on Mondays at noon.  We share various topics and answer questions from people on Wednesdays at noon.  And on Fridays when we share easy, no scary ways to become equipped as Disciples and become Disciple Makers.



CHAPTER 3’S IN the Bible

Fun way to study God’s Word – we are going through the Bible focusing on the Chapter 3’s.  Why?  Genesis 3:15 God’s promise to send Savior and John 3:16 Jesus is our Savior!  We use each chapter 3 as a starting point to share what is happening in chapters 1-4.  Often we also add key events or concepts from each of the books.  Come join us as each week we share about the chapter 3’s in a new Book of the Bible.

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Questions???  Wednesday is open question discussion.  Many people ask us questions.  Pastor Palmer and Pastor Reinke meet together to answer these questions and share from God’s Word.  If you have questions you would like to see discussed, please share with us!

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Making Disciples – often people tell us they are scared or don’t know what to do!  Fridays we are showing easy ways for you to share about Jesus.  How do we become disciples makers?  What Jesus want me to do?  What do I say?  We will help you become equipped as disciples and disciple makers.

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